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What is Energynfit?

Energynfit is an online fitness program that is backed by the science of post-exercise oxygen consumption and has proven to give results! No gimmicks or faddy diets. This program is all you need to tone, lose weight and get fitter.

Stream Workouts
Choose from over 100 partner videos when you can’t make it to class
Create Your Ideal Schedule
Choose lower credit classes to maximize your workouts


We focus on quality movement before quantity. Learn and master the most important patterns for you and regain your mobility, flexibility, and strength. This is very much important for your health.


We teach an intentionally inefficient training style which delivers surprisingly efficient results. You will learn to work hard and smart to see improvement in less time.


We guide you to improve your diet quickly with simple, healthy choices, tried and true methods, and old-fashioned accountability. Get strong in the club but get lean in the kitchen!


We believe that strength is the master quality and, like bacon, makes everything better. We find that chasing strength always leads you to your goals no matter what they may be.


Consistency is the key to success in any endeavor. We treat all of our training as practice and offer many ways that allow you the opportunity to stay consistent in your journey.

Weight Loss

By combining a well programmed strength practice with simple nutrition and lifestyle coaching you will learn how to lose weight in a healthy manner and become a better you.

Our Instructors

We have formed alliances with leading fitness instructor and coach partners to provide you with innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by your needs.

It’s not just our in-depth expertise and our understanding of fitness and gym that allow us to tailor member services to the needs of the healthy services sector.

Brian Gallagher

Throwback Fitness

Brian teaches martial arts, strength and conditioning

Amanda Lee

Martial Arts

Delmonico teaches circuit of change and martial arts.

Brian Gallagher

Circuit Of Change

Delmonico teaches circuit of change, strength and conditioning

Michael Tosto

Yoga Instructor

Michael teaches yoga, pilates, strength and conditioning

What Our Member Say

More than 1200+ members feel the benefits of the moment with us
Now that I’m on Class Reguler, I exercise about 75% more than I did, and I’m feeling happier and healthier than ever before.
Adam Sendler
Boxing Player
After paying gym fees for years and never getting my moneyʼs worth, I am so happy I can fit in the workouts I want.
Mila Kunis
Instructor Dance
Vast Fitness is my needs better than any gym I have belonged to. I think the staff is extremely friendly and helpful.
Mike Sendler