Science-Based Workout: Build Muscle, Lose Fat & Get Fit


Learn The Simple Science Of Building Muscle & Fat Loss With A Proven Workout & Diet Program (Gain Muscle, Weight Loss)



  • You Should Have A Gym Membership Or Access To Strength Training Equipment


Looking For A Workout & Diet Program That Is Based On Actual Science And Proven To Get You Results? 

This course is for people who want to build muscle and lose fat with a science-based workout plan. But it does more than teach you a few exercises and workout tips. In the course I go over the science behind building muscle and successful dieting, the perfect beginner workout plan and show you how to set clear and well-defined fitness goals that keep you motivated.

By giving you the necessary tools to reach your fitness goals, I will also have to debunk certain training myths that have been around for decades. How many times have you been told that if in order to build muscle you need to…

  • Exercise at least five times per week…
  • Train two or even three hours…
  • Drink two or more protein shakes per day…
  • And perfectly time your meals no more than three hours apart.

As you will see in the course, most of these “tips” are nonsense and some will even work against you in the long run. Instead I will show you the exact training methods that are scientifically proven to work. 

Here is what’s inside the program:

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: How To Build Muscle & Lose Fat The Scientific Way

  • The Step-By-Step Muscle Bulding Formula
  • The Step-By-Step Fat Loss Formula
  • The Best Supplements For Beginners
  • How To Create A Bulking Diet
  • How To Create A Cutting Diet

Part 3Workout Program

  • The Full Workout Plan
  • How To Progress And See Results
  • How To Warm Up Correctly
  • How Much Cardio Do You Really Need?
  • Exercise Videos To Help You Train With Perfect Form
  • Ectomorph Muscle Building
  • What About Abs? How To Get Six-Pack Abs Without Much Effort  

Part 4: Motivation & Goal Setting

  • Setting SMART Fitness Goals
  • More Tips On How To Stay Motivated

I also included 2 BONUSES for my students. Along with the program you also get my 100 page ebook “Gym Basics”, with 48 Additional Strength Exercises (Pictures Included) and access my private facebook group so you can ask questions, interact with others and share your success stories.

This muscle building course and workout is right for anyone and will show you how to build muscle and gain weight with the right workout routines and workout plan. Fitness training is essential to build muscle and lose weight.

Scroll Up And Get The Science-Based Workout Program If You Want To See Real Results 

Who this course is for:
  • This Course Is Meant For Beginners Looking For A Well Designed, Science-Based Workout That Will Help Them Build Muscle And Lose Fat


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